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February 28, 2005


Herb Ely


This is a good example of what we used to call "perceptions and reactions analysis." I think you are right. It is often very helpful to "walk around the table" and look at this issue from the other party's poiint of view. As of yet, Church leaders have little reason to take the military's point of view seriously. They are content to fall back on the Chatechism and be a "prophetic voice". Not that I object to this, I just think that prophets should do their homework. Maybe the church in Spain will rethink its position after the train bombing in Madird. For another example of perceptions and reactions analysis see My March 3 post "Getting into Osama's mind".


I hope I'm not putting too fine a point on things, but I've said in the past that the Catechism's treatment of Just War is too abbreviated, for instance, and that it will be considerably amplified after the first major successful terrorist attack in Rome. Facts on the ground mean a lot more when it's your ground they're on.

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