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May 02, 2005


Herb Ely


Thank you for your comments. I don't have a clear answer as to how the church should respond to the "barbarian"culture in which we find ourselves. It is a problem of being in but not of the world. I think that the church - using the term in a broader sense - is doing an excellent job of maintaining ethical discourse. Tragically, the church - in the institutional sense - has persisted in ethical failures for a much longer time than would be allowed in civil society. These failures are compromising the church's message.

In the first part of this post, I set forth some reasons why I am hopeful about Benedict XVI and the fundamental contribution that he can make. This may be especially true of our own sosiciety beset, as it is, by http://www.herbely.com/2004/04/culture_wars_br.html>culture wars.

In the last two paragraphs, I touched on some of my frustrations at the hierarchies failure to practice ethics in its own ranks. My life experience with large institutions and education tell me that the church has much to learn from civil society. It seems to me that Bishops and pastors tend to resist offers of help and advice from educated laity. I understand why. Board meetings, even good ones, require exposure of performance and decisions to outside review.

Again, thanks for your comments. I am more progressive on some issues than most Catholic Carnival contributers. My thinking is, however, conflicted. Comments help me to clairify.

Blessings, Herb


Very interesting and insightful analysis, particularly for Americans and Europeans. But I must admit I'm confused by the last two paragraphs; are you trying to suggest that the Church is the one who cannot conduct a rational discourse in ethics? The conclusion you reached isn't supported by the research and quotes above.

God bless,

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