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June 24, 2005


Karen Shelton

It is all well and good to express an opinion on what one thinks is good and best; however, I would look to what the law states in regards to these specific quotes, emails, and events. The law does not allow for good intentions or for what was okay during Lincoln's day. If the students felt harrassed and believed that they were being discriminated against and they have specific examples of how their rights have been violated and how they have been harrassed I can hardly see how by the law that those in authority have not truly abused their position. The church is either separated from the state or it is not. There is no intent in that. Only what is lawful and what is not lawful. If the academy wishes to be a school with christian ties then it needs to become private, not accept federal funds, and create a mission statement that says so, otherwise they have no business witnessing to, demeaning, and harassing others who attend the academy and have different beliefs. I cannot imagine a way that referring to others even in jest as those in a "Heathen Flight" is well meaning or even funny. Those who laughed at it were either those who made the joke or those who tried to make lite of a heavy situation. The weight of it being on their shoulders. The Christians are not the only game in town and the Air Force Academy would do well to remember that!

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