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June 02, 2005


Steve F.

Interesting thoughts...especially since I was a cowardly pacifist as a teenager who was transformed by the Watergate travesties and the Nixon impeachment. If I'd had my way, Judge Sirica would have been named Pope and Sam Ervin would have been president for a term not less than his remaining natural life. Idealistic innocence dies hard, it seems.

I had some mixed feelings about Felt "coming out of the dark" (apologies to Gloria Estefan) after 30 years. I agree that he played it safe, hid in government-pensioned comfort, and now seems to be standing up at this late stage only to take a bow and cash a check or two before he shuffles off. But all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, I've been told - myself most especially.

I'm not sure that anything I've done would equal the value of Felt's tip-off to the Woodward/Bernstein team - so I really can't judge, eh?

I've come to see that the fruit of our actions is rarely as sweet or pure as we would want 'em to be. My motives are never, ever pure - so calling others' motives under the spotlight just reflects ever so brightly on my own tarnished intentions.

My thoughts have been, "Let him go, let him die, and God, grant him whatever peace he needs to find you and stick with You." That's rarely the way it works these days, however. I'm afraid that soon they'll be trying to exhume the bodies of the Oval Office tapes, to re-examine the 6-1/2 minute gap, to see if it's REALLY as silent as they say...

My question frequently ends up being, "Don't we have enough to be concerned about today without having to wonder about stuff from 3 decades ago?"

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