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October 09, 2005


Jeffrey Arrowood

At first I thought this entry was going to give me something to argue about, but the more I read the more balanced and reasonable I discovered it to be. Blame is easy to spread around, and human beings seem to have a need to blame somebody for a large disaster like this. However, the truth is usually incredibly complex. The same was true for 9/11.

It is very interesting to note the quote

"When there's no cost share, everyone wants their project to be a Cadillac," said G. Edward Dickey, a former Corps chief of planning. "But when there is a cost share, important projects don't always get the support they should."

The people of New Orleans need to use this as an opportunity for some soul searching as well. I understand that the levies were built by private contractors (part of the pork you refer to?) rather than the Corps of Engineers. Of course, the projects would go to the lowest bidders rather than the contractors who could do the best job.

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