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March 24, 2006



So let's going with Goldberg's metaphor:

First of all, Hussein never brandish a gun, but you insisted he did. Then he told you that he didn't have a gun for a long time. Then the community, UN, told you they cannot find the gun. Further more, some of your household memebers, whose job is to track Huessein's doing, told you dont trust the inforrmants who said Hussein has a gun.

So nevemind the facts and information, you decided to shoot him anyway.

I dont really have time to refute every single line what Goldberg wrote, but if you look back what has been said in the last few year with an open mind, you'll see his ratioale falls apart like a house of cards.

One thing that renders unforgivable is the attempt assination of GH Bush, but even that is at dispute in some intelligence quarters.

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