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March 29, 2006


Herb Ely

Nancy, Your point is taken. It was not my intent to criticizes our priests. We need to respect our priests. Many of them find themselves in difficult situations, jobs to which they would not be assigned , if we had more priests. They do their best. We should be reluctant to criticize and quick to support. Having said that, I still wish the Bishops could take a more positive view of the ministry performed by the laity in their everyday jobs.


I am a lay person, and I have recently seen the "Fishers of Men" video. It was amazing, I must say I have gained a much deeper respect for our priests. I know the Bishops recieve alot of critisim, but I would say they hit a home-run with this production.

I would whatch the program first Herb, before you say anything further. It moved me to tears.


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