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January 28, 2007



Dealing with difficult people

We all have moments when we react in a hostile manner, are indecisive or feel unwilling to be flexible on an issue, but people who are difficult by nature are consistently troublesome to deal with. The only way to cope with their impossible behavior is to learn how to minimize their negative impact in most situations.

Difficult people have learned that their upsetting behavior keeps others off balance and incapable of effective action. If we respond by passive acceptance of their behavior, the problem continues because the difficult person has been given a signal that their tactics work. However, when we respond in ways they don'' expect, we have taken some of the control away from them and empowered ourselves.

The goal when coping with difficult people is to negate their controlling behaviors so that you can get on with your own business. Only when their destructive behaviors fail to work will difficult people have an incentive to change. We have dealt here with only a few of the behavior types one may encounter in people.
I also found this resource which could help:
Types of Difficult People

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